Addison Toscani –
Automating the mundane.

I'm a creative expert in automation and an aspiring game developer, I am constantly exploring innovative ways to merge technology and artistic expression. With a deep understanding of automation and process improvement, I am able to bring efficiency and streamline processes through the use of cutting-edge tools and software. Simultaneously, my passion for game development fuels my desire to create immersive and captivating gaming experiences. I am dedicated to honing my skills in coding and game design.



I believe it is pivotal to a team's success to have constant clear communication.


I will always give my all to solve a problem.

Problem Solver

I like to think critically and evaluate multiple perspectives to come to a logical solution.


C# Library Manager

I currently maintain, develop, and improve my teams ever-evolving custom C# .NET Framework library extending it to fit whatever request comes down our pipeline- be it a new API or a custom activity to implement into our automation process.

Automation Expert Team Leader

I am the team leader of my company's Process Automation group. We are experts at taking processes and improving them with automation.

Aspiring Game Developer

When not working on a professional project I like to spend my time working in Unreal Engine creating games and other interactive creative endeavors

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